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Brandenburg Concertos - Gala Concert 2017

This year's SG Wealth Management Gala Concert featured Bach’s Brandenburg Concertos - a pillar of the Baroque repertoire.

NEIL BROUGH - natural trumpet - (we were incredibly lucky to secure the services of Neil at short notice to take the place of Simon Munday who was sadly unwell.
CATHERINE MARTIN - violin (leader of the Gabrieli Players, guest director around UK and Europe)
JOEL RAYMOND & CHRIS HARTLAND - oboe/recorder (Hanover band, Ex-Cathedra, OAE)

The 6 Brandenburg Concertos take their name from the nobleman to whom they were dedicated, Margrave Christian Ludwig of Brandenburg.

They are full of variety and tuneful, virtuosic writing for the many solo instruments that they feature. Each concerto showcases a different solo combination:

Number 2 features Recorder, Oboe, Violin and a notoriously heroic natural trumpet part, not for the faint hearted, with accompanying strings.

Number 3 is for 10 solo string players (3 violins, 3 violas, 3 cellos and double bass) plus harpsichord; watch the themes bounce around between the players, each one of equal importance.

Number 4 features 2 recorders and a dazzling violin line, plus strings.


Brandenburg Concerto no.2 - BWV 1047 - JS Bach

Concerto in E major for Violin - JS Bach

Concerto in D minor for Oboe – TWV 51:d1 - Georg Philipp Telemann

Brandenburg Concerto no.4 – BWV 1049 - JS Bach

Brandenburg Concerto no.3 – BWV 1048 - JS Bach

Concerto for Trumpet and Violin – TWV 53:D5 - Georg Philipp Telemann