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21-10-17 - Johann Joseph Fux and Friends

It was a huge pleasure to welcome our guest director, Austrian violinist, Lucia Froihofer, specialist in the music of Johann Fux.
Lucia Froihofer was born in Graz/Austria and studied violin and pedagogics at the University of Music and Dramatic Art in Graz. After her studies she specialized in period instrument performance at the Hochschule für Musik und Theatre in Leipzig with Prof. Susanne Scholz, with Sigiswald Kuijken in Brussels, Enrico Gatti in Italy and Michi Gaigg in Linz.

She currently teaches baroque violin at the University for Music and Dramatic Art and violin and chamber music at the Conservatory of Graz.

As well as performing regularly in many chamber music groups, Lucia has formed her own ensembles:
- Spafudla combines progressive traditional music with influences of Jazz, classical and world music,
- the baroque orchestra Neue Hofkapelle Graz specialises in bringing the spirit of baroque music to the audience in new and exciting ways!

Lucia and our own director, Jim O'Toole, have worked together on projects in Austria for several years and it is our pleasure to welcome Lucia back over to Norwich to join us in 2017.


Concentus Musico-Instrumentalis Op.1 Overture in D minor - Johann Joseph Fux
Sonata for 3 violins F major - Johann Joseph Fux
Suite from Cadmus - Jean Baptiste Lully
Banchetto Musicale no 6 - Johann Hermann Schein
Concerto in D minor for 2 violins - Johann Sebastian Bach
Concentus Musico-Instrumentalis Op.1 - Overture in C major - Johann Joseph Fux


• Lully and Schein nice and light hearted.. Bach was FANTASTIC
• Interesting to hear a little known composer (Fux) – I enjoy exploring new music
• Lully was delightful
• Fux didn’t appeal, particularly the trio although the playing was superb.
• Good to hear a new composer (to me)
• Bach – just wonderful
• Really liked the Schein with its tricky rhythms showing off the skill of the musicians and Jim’s directing.
• We loved the sonata for 3 violins – a brave and delightful choice.
• Great to hear some Fux instrumental music
• Cadmus suite – great start and dance-like throughout reflecting composers inner most self maybe?
• Loved the contrast between Schein and Bach – 100 yrs makes a lot of difference.
• We enjoyed the extra variety provided by the violin trio
• Thankyou for continuing to educate us and exposing us to less well-known composers
• We LOVE to hear live performances of favourite pieces – who can beat the Bach!
• Good to see some variety of repertoire
• The Lully was particularly pleasing
• More French music in future please?
• Nice contrast to have the trio
• I enjoyed hearing contrasting composers eg Lully/Bach
• We always enjoy your concerts and being introduced to new music
• Loved the sonata for 3 violins
• I enjoyed the Fux and Lucia
• Loved the Lully – MORE PLEASE! – and the Schein

• Guitar good percussively (couldn’t hear the theorbo)
• Enjoyed the ensemble playing of the Fux
• Loved the Jim/Lucia team
• NB responded well to Lucia’s direction
• Lovely to see the lead violinist moving so much
• Very energetic and enthusiastic director who clearly loved the music – I loved her dancing
• Bach – what wonderful playing
• Beautiful music beautifully played
• Wonderful energetic Bach
• Lucia – great director
• Sonata for 3 violins – beautiful, expertly and sensitively played with great intonation
• 2 violins in the Bach worked well together – very expressive 1st movement. 2nd movement exquisite
• Verbal introductions are always a help – IF they can be done confidently
• I was particularly struck by the Fux trio – the 3 were perfectly matched and played with great sensitivity
• Bach concerto – Well done!
• I loved the way the lead violinist brought out the dance character at different moments in the Fux
• The guest violinist had a wonderful sensitive touch – played as if spontaneously
• Very spirited as always – Thankyou!
• Superb Bach!
• Lucia was a superb guest director and we hope she will be back again soon!
• The Bach was perfect – THANKYOU!

• Thankyou for the lovely music
• Yet another excellent concert – we have never had any complaints in the years we have followed NB
• What an amazing evening
• I thought I was too tired to come out and nearly didn’t – I am so glad I did… how energizing!
• Whole concert very lively
• It is great when violinists stand – makes their instruments speak
• As always we enjoyed your informal style – no stuffy black /white
• Standing makes your performances dynamic and expressive with obvious communication between you
• Jolly good especially the lead violinist – very entertaining!!
• The experiment of a guest director was a great success
• Lively and interesting as always
• Good to have guest musicians giving a different flavour to a concert
• Clear programme notes which I appreciate as I am not a musician ( not full of jargon or in-jokes)
• In a lot of concerts these days a few words are said before pieces – this really helps rapport with the audience, especially for those who are not very knowledgeable, but of course only if it is done confidently and from the heart
• Super programme and super programme!
• Would have liked a word about why Lucia was directing and not Jim – is this a new idea?
• A lovely evening played with the usual Joie de vivre!
• A lovely concert again – thankyou for all your hard work
• What a treat – the whole evening was wonderful.