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APRIL 2018 – Pictures at an Exhibition

Another in our Live Programme Notes Series with Dr Simon Heighes - Pictures at and Exhibition.. but NOT Mussorgsky's version, our own Baroque version
This was a chance to explore art, music ..and any number of links between them.. some obvious, and others less so.

Soloist: Jayne May-Sysum.
Master of the Live Programme Notes: Dr Simon Heighes
Director: Jim O'Toole


‘Chaos’ from Les elemens - Jean-Fery Rebel (1666-1747)
[Jackson Pollock ‘Convergance’ - 1952]

Confitebor tibi Domine - Claudio Monteverdi (1567-1643)
[Giovanni Antonio Canal (‘Canaletto’) The ‘Doge’s Palace’ c1740]

Water Music - Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767)
[Joseph Stannard ‘Thorpe Water Frolic’ -1824]

Passacaille and Cantata ‘Tu fedel? tu costante?’ - George Frideric Handel (1685-1759)
[Gustav Klimt ‘The Kiss’ 1907-8]

Sinfonia – The Fall of Jericho - William Hayes (1708-1777)
[John Sell Cotman ‘Ruined House’ 1807-10]

Cupid’s Dances from Venus and Adonis - John Blow (1648-1708)
[Annibale Carracci ‘Venus and Cupid’ -1592]

Dido’s Lament from Dido & Aeneas - Henry Purcell (1658-95)
[Johannes Vermeer ‘Girl with a Pearl Earring’ -1665]

And finally …
Watkins Ale - Tune: from Queen Elizabeth's Virginal Book - Words earlier than 1592
[David Teniers ‘A Conversation of Boors’ -1644]

REVIEWS - from the audience:

Audience reviews – Pictures April 2018

• Very imaginative and thoroughly enjoyable

• Wonderful music – soprano is excellent

• What a lot of lovely sounds. I loved it all. Thank you so much

• Great idea for a programme and well chosen pictures. Telemann particularly good in the first half. Handel wonderful. Very lucky to have such a soprano as JMS. The whole programme was delightful. The only disappointment was the disappearance of Jim’s ponytail….

• Excellent generation of wind by Dr Simon Heighes

• Would REBEL have won the composition competition if HE entered this piece LES ELEMENS?

• Great fun, especially the Telemann! It should be more well known, its MUCH livelier than handle’s. Please play it again in a future concert. The ensemble was clearly enjoying playing it as much as we enjoyed hearing it!

• Once again beautiful singing by JMS

• Particularly liked the woodwind section.. it really lifts the sound. Double bass gives real depth. Solo vocals need a microphone to get across the instruments. Excellent concert thankyou! [oops!]

• Wonderful evening with some wonderful people but most importantnly music. Very much enjoyed the water music and composition of Dido

• Superb concert with a varied selection of music. The vocal pieces were especially good

• Let the music tell its story…we don’t need works of art to refer to. [hmmmm]

• If you had a CD of that Telemann I would have bought one tonight!

• Another wonderful concert with an interesting narrative that added to the diverse repertoire. Really enjoyed it! I have always enjoyed the collaborations with Simon and this did not disappoint. Well done, beautiful music and a lovely evening.. thankyou. PS Dido’ lament was simply breath taking.. wow!

• This was an inspired idea, a range of different composers and works performed with the usual sparkle by NB and JMS – fantastic. It is always fascinating to have the extra dimension and perspective provided by Simon Heighes… more please! Good to see him contribute to the wind! What an excellent ending with Watkins Ale – real fun!

• Last night was a triumph! A superb concert and so enjoyable. Everyone was buzzing. It was such a wide range of music and Simon was on top form. You will know how much I loved the woodwind and what an utter treat to have the bassoon too. Jane was her brimming self (in every way). There were quite a few tears at Dido. The programme was beautiful –

• Splendid to hear you lot on very good form last night. With some very convincing stylish noises from the band, with the addition of the lovely wind trio tootling away so musically and vividly. Philip seemed to have a specially good day too.