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OCTOBER 2018 – Mudge's England

Celebrating the 300th birthday of our favourite reverend, Richard Mudge (1718-1763)
Sometimes a concert idea hits you and it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to wait for the date to come round. So it was with this programme!

What a fantastic chance to play LOTS of Mudge, and of course music by his contemporaries, Newcastle born Charles Avison, Mr Handel, and Durham man John Garth with one of his wonderfully English cello concertos (soloist Kate Bennett-Wadsworth). There was also a Mudge Tribute written in honour of our late Friend Douglas Losh-Atkinson, AND our first performance of Mudge's Non nobis Domine with a handful of our choral friends. The Mudge-Birthday-cake was also a hit!

This time we asked for some audience feedback... so useful for our Year Planner.. and here it is..


• Really enjoyed it all …good variety
• Programme very enjoyable
• Wonderful presentation
• Informative and educational
• I don’t think I had hear of Mudge before seeing your fliers championing him.. or Garth.
• We enjoy the choice of music as well as the standard of playing, all in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere – not a black suit of bow tie in sight!
• I loved the whole idea of the concert.. and thanks for the cake!
• So great to hear a whole load of completely great music from composers I’d never heard of! Rollicking good Gigue.. REAL dance music!
• Excellent programme and we really enjoyed the music and the atmosphere. We are not particularly knowledgeable about music but always love the programmes you put on. Gradually we are beginning to team up names and music and tonight we added 2 more ; Avison and Garth
• A well balanced programme
• A lovely programme; just the comfort I needed after a stressful time. A beautiful combination of different composers.
• Another wonderful programme ion a great venue. You continue to play my favourite composers – something I thought I would never hear live! Please continue to favour English composers… Hayes, Boyce, Avison – preferably instrumental and not vocal.
• I had not heard of Mudge or Garth before so this concert was most interesting
• David Morgan’s piece was a good contrast
• Lovely programme
• Very good
• I was very impressed with Mudge’s England – unknown to me and very musical. Very much enjoyed myself
• Very high quality presentation – it would be difficult to find anything better in a London concert hall

VENUE (Princes Street URC)
• Intimate venue… good crisp acoustic… could hear every player
• Excellent
• The venue is excellent for this type of event.. cosy, good acoustics, Comfy seats
• Fine
• Excellent venue
• Nice venue.. decent loos… a bit chilly
• Lovely acoustic and comfy for the audience.. a good choice especially in cooler months.
• Comfortable but cold in the first half
• Nice venue but it would be nice to have convenient parking as I have arthritis.. but not bad enough for a blue badge

• YES!

• Loved Kate’s playing
• Everything worked
• Mudge 5
• Kate Bennett-Wadsworth was absolutely stunning … and Jim’s playing in the Handel was exquisite.
• Kate’s playing was exquisite – please programme her again!
• Mudge and Garth – especially cello concerto – the gigue made my dance mentally
• Loved the programme and Kate’s playing
• Everyone always seems to enjoy playing and it shows in their faces… you all have such a lovely rapport. We all go home with a smile on our faces (and the cake was delicious too!)
• Kate’s playing was wonderful; David’s piece was brill, Jim’s playing was superb – dazzling
• The Avison and the final Mudge were my favourites.
• The glorious depth of sound from all the ‘normal’ baroque players and soloists (haha love this…’normal? Us?!)
• Kate was wonderful
• I love the combination of professionalism and informality that you manage to achieve.
• Good to hear some excellent lesser known composers and good to remember Douglas
• The whole programme was enjoyable but I particularly liked the Garth cello concerto which was accompanied with very great sensitivity
• The Garth was particularly good ..and the Handel for different reasons (I sponsored it)

• Very good.. infact excellent.. ditto the red wine
• Delicious
• A lovely way to celebrate and to cheer up a wintery day
• Thanks for the cake!
• The cake looked fantastic and was totally delicious!
• Deliciously light and flavourful!
• Great cake… whose birthday is it next?
• OK…..
• Cake was delicious
• Great cake – and great wine!
• Lovely cake!

• A 15 minute pre-concert talk on the programme?
• Mini talk on the difference between baroque and modern instruments? (I could put this in the prog?)
• Suggestion: Could Nch Baroque put on some workshops for us aspiring baroque players as a way of learning/meeting other players
• The Harpsichord was drowned out by the other players – NCBC has a sound reflector over the players
• Use the singers more than once
• For reference’s In memoriAM
• Shame to have the singers out of sight
• It would have been interesting to have more of the Mudge singers maybe?
• Only 1 mis-print in the prog this time, much more professional than in the past. The lack of proof reading was sad to see, now much better (…sorry guys……!)

• Thankyou all for a wonderful evening!
• We are going to become Friends! A Great evening.
• Very enjoyable
• I trust Bedworth was more salubrious than it is today.. but Mudge did only stay one year there!
• We are committed supporters.. hope to hear you again soon!
• Excellent as always
• “Happy Mudge-day dear David, Happy Mudge-day to you!”
• Fabulous concert - Sorry we can’t think of any criticisms or negatives!
• We find the ensemble to be expressive, delicate, lively and forceful…according to the needs of the music,
• Really great concert! Joyful programme and great venue
• What a joy on such a horrid evening weather-wise
• Whole concert was very alive and immensely enjoyable
• Cake, nibbles, wine, company – what’s not to like?
• A most enjoyable evening – the musicians played beautifully; Norwich Baroque never disappoints.
• I loved the music and the venue… thanks
• Excellent concert – Really enjoyable – good performance – beautifully played – THANKYOU – Happy Birthday David!
• A lovely evening with Norwich Baroque – is it ever anything else?
• I love the way you put over the sheer joy of playing music in an ensemble
• Always a friendly welcome… and you do make a colourful sight in this colourful venue
• A terrific concert programme, cake and the obvious enjoyment of the players themselves

WOW what a huge help! THANKYOU to ever single person who commented. x