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12th January - Start 2019 on a Classical Journey!

A wonderful to start the New Year with Norwich Baroque directed by our friend, internationally admired cellist, Richard Tunnicliffe.
We started 2019 venturing into pastures new as we explored the late Baroque / early Classical repertoire. Of course we have all played Mozart and Haydn since we were youngsters BUT not on period instruments; Did it work ? Well we thought so, and you seemed to agree!

J.C. Bach - Overture  Op 1 no.3.
Haydn - Cello Concerto in C, 
Mozart - Suite from the Ballet "Les Petits Riens" 


C.P.E. Bach - String Symphony in B minor
Mozart - Symphony No. 29 in A 

A few comments:

It was a wonderful occasion for me, my first evening out for over a month, and I so enjoyed the music, a lovely programme and so well played.  It is rare to hear Mozart well played and such a delight.Thank you for making all this happen, it keeps so many people happy!

What a wonder evening thank you very much

Well, a dreary evening, and another WONDERFUL concert!!  Quite apart from the music, I thought it was very special, for the way in which
those young cellists were made welcome, and for the usual camaraderie and cheerful friendliness for which the group must be renowned.  Loved the talk about the period instruments, and learned quite a lot!  When I left the place, I walked past the youngsters, and their reaction to the
evening was amazing - they were simply lit up by it all, ecstatic.  It was so good to see, like that huge and ever-growing list of friends in
the programme....