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Saturday 3rd August – Baroque at the Priory

Once again we were so lucky to return to this stunning venue.... and on a beautiful day!
Binham is special. If you haven’t yet experienced it’s magic then you really must join us. if you missed this concert then you have 2 chances to join us in 2020...How can you beat the fresh sea air and sunset over the fields as you enjoy a glass of wine at the interval?

Sarahjane Stephen - soprano
Arngeir Hauksson - lute
David Price - recorder

Albinoni - Sinfonia in G minor
Vivaldi - In furore iustissimae elletto
Vivaldi - Concerto for lute RV93
Handel - Concerto grosso – Op.6 no.2
Vivaldi - Concerto for string s in D major RV 121
Johann Sebastian Bach - Bete aber auch dabei BWV115
Robert de Viseé - 'Pieces de Theorbe'
Vivaldi - Recorder concerto in C minor RV 441
Handel - Tornami a vagheggiar