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26 February 2022 - The Violin Band: songs, fantasies, and dances from the 17th century

Jim O'Toole, director
Sarahjane Stephen, soprano
Before the orchestra as we know it was born, there were various large ensembles of instruments from the same family, called bands or consorts. They could be all wind instruments, all brass instruments, all recorders, all viols, or all violin family instruments, aka a violin band. 17th-century England saw a gradual transition from this kind of ensemble to the modern orchestra, and the music of Henry Purcell (1695-1695) shows us just how much freedom composers had at this time to reimagine the sound of a large group.

Some of our most earthy and our most heavenly music comes from this period. Sometimes the instruments all move together an irresistible dance rhythm, and sometimes they all weave around each other, creating a meditative tapestry of sound.

This programme is dedicated to the memory of our dear friend, violinist Philip Yeeles, who played with us from very early in the group’s history until just a few weeks before his death at the end of December. Philip especially loved Purcell’s music, and the songs, dances and consort music have been chosen from among his favourites.

Saturday, 26 February, 7pm
St Peter Mancroft
Hay Hill, Norwich NR2 1QQ
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