News and Events
We are delighted that Norwich based SG Wealth Management has chosen to continue as our principal sponsor for 2020.

Delight at secure sponsorship for 2020

The knowledge that we have a well established and forward-thinking local company in partnership with us is just what we need to enable us to move forwards confidently with our plans for the year.

This year's SG Wealth Management Gala Concert 'Oboe moments' is earlier than usual; on Saturday 25th of July and will see us sharing the Cathedral with a visiting 22 metre Dippy the dinosaur. Actually,Dippy will be in the main nave and we will be in the presbytery, an unusual and really special site for our concert.

Our soloist is Joel Raymond, a wonderful musician. The pure and unique sound of his oboe will cut through the stillness of the magnificent surroundings, straight to your soul! His programme will include some of the best known baroque oboe concertos, including those by Marcello, Albinoni and Vivaldi.

Book early when tickets are released in January to get the best seats!