Players Corner
Summer mini-tour with Joel and Chris oboe duo AND Sarahjane Stephen Soprano!

JULY 20th and 21st - Friday AND Saturday – St Stephens and Binham

Rehearsals: - ALL CHANGE!!

NB. Apologies for the total change.. unavoidable (Jim called elsewhere).

SUNDAY 8th July: PLEASE come if you are at all able. Part of it is better than none of it.

9.45 – 11 coffee
11.20 – 12.30 coffee/nibble on lunch
12.50 – 2.00 END more lunch ... have to be out by 2.30


- THURSDAY 19th 7.15pm @ St Stephens WITH soloists

- Fri 21st @ 2.30pm at venue tbc......Please bring a stand for this rehearsal as we will leave as much set up on Thursday evening as we can.

- Sat 22nd @ 2.30pm at Binham (top marks to eagle-eyed Jan for spotting my deliberate mistake (hmmm).. of course the Saturday rehearsal is at Binham as well.. apols for previous error)

Both concerts at 7.30pm - Friday St Stephens, Saturday Binham