Finance has to be an important aspect of any organisation; it is unavoidable and this is no different for us. It was a great moment when, in 2014, SG Wealth Management came on board as our principal sponsor and it has been a delight working with the directors, Neil Shillito and Stephen Girling and their team ever since.

As our plans for future concerts become more innovative and exciting, our money raising initiatives have had to do the same.

So in addition , we now have our extended sponsorship options: a real “something for everyone” approach. Our first year, 2017 was AMAZING!

Our principal sponsor - SG Wealth Management

SG Wealth Management is forward thinking and innovative Norwich-based company which has been our principal sponsor since 2014. ...more

Why get involved?

There are few sayings as true as "you get out of life what you put in". Have you ever considered supporting the Arts? ...more

What are the opportunities?

We like to make sponsorship enjoyable, inclusive and ever evolving! So we have taken a good look at what makes up our ensemble and broken it down into bite-sized chunks. ...more

What do you get in return?

Take a look at what you get back in return for each sponsorship option.. apart, that is, from the satisfyingly warm feeling of doing something to support your local Baroque ensemble! ...more

Sponsors so far in 2018!

We delighted that our "Something for Everyone" sponsorship opportunities continue to catch the imagination of Baroque lovers and those keen to be part of something exciting in Norwich. ...more