Why get involved?

There are few sayings as true as "you get out of life what you put in". Have you ever considered supporting the Arts?
Sponsorship can be boring: "give us your money" approach with not much in return. However, this isn't how we do it!

So why should you bother getting involved with an ensemble like ours?
Here are just a few reasons...

• to see your money making a real difference - much more stimulating than sending it to large, faceless organisations

• to use it locally and ethically - make a difference here in your region

• to become part of a vibrant and positive ensemble/community

• to enjoy the social angle of regular concerts and getting to know the “Baroque family” better. We are ready to welcome you!

• to do something really individual – meet us, talk to us and have a say in how you would like to have your money used

• to gain a hobby/interest which you can then share with friends or (importantly) enjoy alone in a comfortable safe environment

• to give your year a focus - there will always be something in the diary to look forward to

• to gain recognition for your contribution either privately or more publicly

• to dedicate or gift something special to a loved one