Norwich Baroque FRIENDS
How can you possibly resist? There is so much to enjoy and it is remains excellent value... we think.

How to join

Friends subs for 2020 remain unchanged:

£20 - single
£30 - joint
£10 - junior

We feel this is good value...

To join, send a message in via the contact page and we will get back to you with the details.

For your interest:
We were challenged recently about the reduction for joint members by someone considering becoming a single Friend as she felt she was being unfairly penalised. Having thought carefully about this, no, we don't feel we are being unfair, as Bar Lines would arrive once to their address, so they wouldn't get 2 copies, which saves on both postage and print.

However, if anyone has a problem with our subs, get in touch and lets talk, once again via the contact page.

If you would like to contribute any more then our individual sponsorship options might be for you? Lots of fun and a great way to see your money used locally and in a way you can really enjoy!

Above all though, DO come to our concerts, it makes a huge difference.