Losh-Atkinson Historic Sounds Composition Competition

The brain-child of our late Honorary Friend, Douglas Losh-Atkinson, the Historic Sounds Composition Competition is now in it's 6th year. It is open to ANYONE who fancies giving composition a go.

The Aim, outline and Judging

Norwich Baroque is keen to widen the appreciation of Baroque music by challenging composers to experiment with the sounds and styles of the 17th and early 18th centuries to produce a work with a distinctive 21stcentury flavour. ...more

The Rules

- This year the brief is to write a companion piece to Corelli’s concerto grosso Op.6 no.2 which will be played alongside the winning entry in our Summer concert in July 2019. ...more

How to enter

- Application forms can be obtained from Norwich Baroque via janeslocombe@btinternet.com .There is no charge for entering. ...more

Judging criteria

Take good note..... ...more

The prize

The winner will receive a 4-fold reward for their efforts ...more

Copyright and permissions

less exciting, but never the less important ...more