Losh-Atkinson Historic Sounds Composition Competition
- This year the brief is to write a 2 movement work - the 1st over a ground bass, the 2nd a dance

The Rules

This year the brief is to write a 2 movement work, for strings and continuo only, lasting between 6 and 8 minutes …..
- the first movement to be set over a ground bass…
- the second to be in a Baroque dance form (eg. Pachelbel’s Canon and Gigue.)

Composers should aim to produce an original composition with a distinct 21st century flavour which will appeal to an audience attending a concert of Baroque music. 

The composition should demonstrate knowledge of, but not be constrained by, 18th-century harmony, form and orchestration. 

• The composition should be scored for four-part string ensemble comprised of about 12 players, including continuo.

• Entry is FREE OF CHARGE and open to composers of any age and from any country.

• Some ground bass guidance can be found below courtesy of ETO and writer Alex Burns:
Ground bass in Baroque music...