Losh-Atkinson Historic Sounds Composition Competition
- This year the brief is to write a companion piece to Corelli’s concerto grosso Op.6 no.2 which will be played alongside the winning entry in our Summer concert in July 2019.

The Rules

In a work lasting between 8 and 10 minutes, composers are free to draw inspiration from Corelli’s concerto in any manner they wish, contrasting and complementing the music but avoiding pastiche, to produce an original composition with a distinct 21st century flavour which will appeal to an audience attending a concert of Baroque music.

The composition should demonstrate knowledge of, but not be constrained by, 18th-century harmony, form and orchestration, taking note of the simplicity of Corelli's notational style (with regard to expressive markings, articulation, phrasing and dynamics), and leaving the performers to bring the music to life as they would a Baroque piece.

Copies of Corelli’s Op.6 are available via IMSLP.

- The composition should be scored for four-part string ensemble comprised of about 12 players, including continuo.

- Entry is FREE OF CHARGE and open to composers of any age and from any country.