Losh-Atkinson Historic Sounds Composition Competition

Copyright and permissions

less exciting, but never the less important
• By submitting your composition, you grant Norwich Baroque, free of charge, permission to use the work for future performances, always credited to you

• Copyright will remain with you after the premiere and the aforementioned permission is non-exclusive.

• All entries, including composers’ details, may be used in publicity campaigns post competition.

• Any competitor under the age of 18 who wins the competition and therefore travels to the performance must be accompanied by a responsible person aged over 18.

• Norwich Baroque reserves the right to
1. cancel or adapt the competition if unforeseen circumstances arise
2. vary or change the prize details
3. disqualify any entrant who breaches the rules or who commits a fraud, at any stage.

• Entrants will be deemed to have accepted these rules and agree to be bound by them by entering the competition.

Personal data

• The personal data of the entrants will kept secret from the panel until after the winner has been chosen. The works will, until then, be identified solely by a 6 digit Identification number known only to the entrant and the person receiving the compositions.

• Personal data will not be passed to any third party without the composer’s permission.

JO’T/SH/JG/TK/JS July 2019