Corona virus!
The decisions listed below are not taken lightly, but are made for the safety and welfare of everyone.


- April 4th - St Mathew Passion
Postponed but re-booked for March 27th 2021 - with the same team we hope

- May 2nd - Organ Concertos with Ashley Grote at Binham Priory
Postponed till May 1st 2021

- May 16th - Messiah at Bury St Edmunds
Cancelled - there is talk of a date in March next year. Tbc

- June 13th - "Let's dance" directed by Kate Bennett-Wadsworth
Postponed but now replaced by "Happy Birthday Mr Garth" on 17th April 2021 - this will be brilliant!

- July 18th - Baroque at the Priory with tenor Daniel Bartlette
Postponed until July 24th 2021 - a completely stunning programme featuring Sarahjane Stephen as well

- July 25th - Oboe Moments
Postponed and now rescheduled for October 23rd 2021

- Sept 12th - Eternal Source
Postponed - and now rescheduled for Sept 11th 2021 (possibly with an additional date on Friday 10th) ... tbc.

- October 24th - Baroque flutes
Postponed and rescheduled for October 22nd 2022 (not a typo..... )

- November 21st - Bach at the Cathedral
Postponed - not yet rescheduled

- December 19th - Messiah by Candlelight
Postponed but will certainly be back next year! Keep Dec 18th 2021 free!

- January 30th - Christmas Oratorio

VENUES - currently venue managers are Furloughed it seems but venues will of course be confirmed where it is unclear as soon as possible.

.... concerts after this will be reviewed as we go along, so keep an eye out here, on the facebook page and via the E-mailing list.